Auditable Digital Data Market

Hyperledger Blockchain

In collaboration with European field-lab AMdEx, the aim is innovation in developing a neutral data exchange infrastructure that provides and executes reliable data sharing archetypes, using trusted, fair and scalable technologies. The focus is on between-organizations within a consortium. A generic conceptual model is made of the architecture design. Monitoring and auditing components prototyped with Blockchain Hyperledger Fabric.

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Smarter Scrum Planner

AWS Cloud
AI Algorithm
Web Application

A Scrum Board is an essential IT development-project management tool. The board is a visual representation of project progress, by generally showing tasks in various detail to be done, in progress, or completed, and when. Teams track and plan during sprints, allowing collaboration and prioritization, proving valuable contributions to development lifecycles. However, Scrum planning takes a substantial amount of time and demands careful attention to avoid detrimental planning mistakes. An innovative AWS Cloud-based Scrum Board application that uses AI algorithms to categorize tasks, reducing the time spent by teams on task management is developed.

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Volundeer Computing

Distributed Computing

With the increased research scale and large amount of data acquired, modern research highly depends on efficient and dependable computing technology. One prominent way is by distributed computing, defined as collection of independent entities cooperating to solve large-scale problems that cannot be done individually, by resource sharing. Enabling scientists to perform large computations in a time-efficient way, a platform for researchers to upload their programs is built, where users choose to make their computational power available to these scientists as volunteers. Each uploaded C program is compiled to WebAssembly in the browser, enabling volunteers to contribute by executing in their browser while avoiding any unnecessary downloads.

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